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Taxi from Port-en-Bessin and Trévières

For 12 years serving the individual

Tourist transport


Taxi fares are set by prefectural order each year:

  • Tariffs Updated: 7 pm to 19 pm
  • The night – Sunday and holidays 50% surcharge applies


The maximum fee shall not exceed the price indicated on the meter. We offer a free quote to avoid any surprise rate for a vehicle of 1 to 7 people.

We just take you up at the airport or train station.

One number to remember 06 72 23 34 98

Our differences

For greater comfort in your travels we offer high-end vehicles. Experience and competence for 12 years serving the individual.

Credit card payment

A graduate of State since 1974 to your health transport, I offer the best guarantee of a trip without stress or worry.

We take care of your paperwork for you to secure your supported by social agencies.

We offer ongoing assistance.

One number to remember 06 72 23 34 98

Credit card payment accepted